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Mar 22,2023

Digital Printing Vinyl: Types and Their Uses

Digital vinyl printing plays a pivotal role in creating high-quality and durable signage, graphics, and vehicle wraps. There are various types of digital printing vinyl available, each has its own unique characteristics and applications.

 Types of Digital Printing Vinyl 

In this article, we'll explore the different types of digital printing vinyl and their uses in various industries.

Calendered Vinyl:

Calendered vinyl is a cost-effective solution for outdoor advertising and promotional graphics but suitable for short-term. It is made by pressing out PVC through rollers, which gives it a smooth, glossy finish. It is typically used for flat or slightly curved surfaces, and it usually has the lifespan of 1 to 5 years depending on the thickness and quality.

Cast Vinyl:

Cast vinyl is a premium choice for long-term outdoor advertising, vehicle wraps, and complex curved surfaces. It is manufactured by pouring liquid PVC onto a carrier sheet and then heating it until it changes into solid form. This process creates a thin and flexible vinyl with a high level of compliance to the standards, that’s why it is a perfect selection for wrapping vehicles and conforming to complex shapes. Cast vinyl lasts up to 10 years or more.

Reflective Vinyl:

Reflective vinyl as obvious from the name reflects light, commonly used on safety signage and vehicle graphics.  You can also see them on emergency vehicles, construction signs, and traffic signs. Reflective vinyl comes in different grades, including engineer-grade, high-intensity, and diamond-grade, depending on the required level of reflectivity.

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Specialty Vinyl:

Specialty vinyl includes a range of vinyl that has some specific properties, perforated vinyl, frosted vinyl, and textured vinyl to name some. Perforated vinyl is ideal to be used for window graphics as it  only allows for one-way visibility, on the other hand frosted vinyl is ideal for creating privacy on windows and glass partitions as it does not allow any kind of visibility. While Textured vinyl are generally used to create a unique look and feel for signage and graphics, such as brushed aluminum or carbon fiber.

Printable Vinyl:

Printable vinyl is a type of vinyl designed for use with digital printers, they facilitate printing for high-quality graphics and designs onto the vinyl. Printable vinyl comes in both calendered and cast options, and are suitable for various applications, including vehicle wraps, wall graphics, and window decals.

When  you think about purchasing digital printing vinyl, wholesale digital printing vinyl is a cost-effective option for those who require large quantities. Wholesale digital printing vinyl suppliers offer a wide range of vinyl types, colors, and sizes, at a discounted price.

Factors to be Considered in Selecting Colored Printing Vinyl

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 There are several factors that you should consider before making a purchase. Some of these factors include:

Adhesive Type:

The adhesive type is a crucial t factor to consider when choosing digital printing vinyl. there are many Adhesive types include permanent, removable, and repositionable. Permanent adhesive is suitable for long-term applications, while removable and repositionable adhesives are good for short-term applications and  they allow easy removal and repositioning without damaging the surface.

Surface Type:

The type of surface on which the vinyl will be applied is also an important consideration. Some vinyl is designed specifically to be used on certain surfaces, such as vehicles, walls, or windows. Choosing the right vinyl for the intended surface helps in achieving proper adhesion and long-lasting results.

Ink Compatibility:

 For printable vinyl, it's important that the ink going to be used is compatible with the vinyl. As certain vinyl require specific types of ink, like solvent or eco-solvent ink, to get the best results.

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The durability of the vinyl also worth to consider. Vinyl  that are used for long-term in outdoor should be sturdy enough to survive in harsh weather conditions, including UV exposure and temperature fluctuations. Cast vinyl is typically the most durable option, while calendered vinyl is better suited for short-term applications.


The color of the vinyl is also an important criterion to judge its quality as different types of vinyl offer various levels of color vibrancy and saturation. When choosing vinyl for branding or promotional purposes, it's important to select a vinyl that display the desired colors accurately.

you should also consider the cost and availability of the selected vinyl. Wholesale suppliers offer competitive pricing and a range of selection for vinyl, they are an excellent choice for businesses that are looking to save not only the costs but intend to purchase vinyl in bulk.

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