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Apr 6,2023

What Are PVC Flex Banners and Why Do We Use Them?

Banners, posters, and billboards are the common means of marketing products, they are one of the most impactful tools of advertising, and every promotional campaign cannot be completed without them.

The best PVC flex banners are made up of PVC and polyester, and they are the material for all kinds of digital printing. Large color plotters mainly print this sheet of polyethylene to deliver high-quality digital print for outdoor hoardings and banners. PVC flex can be divided into three main types;

1: Frontlit flex 

2: Backlit flex

3:Blokout flex

Frontlit Flex

Frontlit flex is good to use indoors and outdoors. They are used in banners, exhibition booth decorations, bus shelters, and many displays. These are white in color and come in gloss and matt finish.

Backlit Flex

These backlit are used in large light boxes, airport light boxes, in-store displays, backlit bus shelters, and billboards.

Block Out Flex

They allow print on both sides due to their high quality, and they are preferred to use high-graphic advertising.

Why use Flex Banners

Cotton and vinyl banners are commonly used for marketing purposes, but the use of cotton and vinyl brings many drawbacks, such as printing is not seamless and the colours soon fade away. Vinyl is wrinkle prone and does not last long; previously, they were only printed in black and white colors; however, this problem has been overcome by new printing methods, so PVC flex banners have provided a resort to these kinds of problems. Some of the benefits of PVC flex banners are as follows; 

Long Lasting and Flexible

PVC flex has sturdier material as compared to other banners; they are durable as they do not tear so easily and thus serve the purpose for many years. They are light in weight and flexible, so they are suitable for banners in advertising as they can be used on full-color banners.

Economical And Attractive

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As PVC flex facilitates high-resolution printing, they are more realistic and appealing in look. Some of them allow printing on both sides to run two different promotions at the same time, so they are cost-effective. We can print them in as many colors as we want, and colors never fade or become dull.

Weather Resistant and Waterproof 

Just like Aluminum Composite Boards, these contemporayPVC flex banners are ideal to use for outdoor marketing, they do not absorb water, so in the rain, they do their job. They have the ability to withstand weather, and they do not get damaged when exposed to the scorching sun. In windy areas, banners rip up so quickly, so PVC banners fix these kinds of issues.

An Unusual Use

Marketing the product has become so common, and so have the PVC flex banners. Researchers have come up with an amazing idea to use these banners in bricks making after crushing them, to strengthen the blocks more.

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