Shanghai Tutu new material Company history

  • 1. In 1991, Jiangsu Tutu New Material Co., Ltd. was registered and established with an investment of 10 million USD and introduced 5 foreign advanced lamp cloth production lines to complete the ISO9001 management system and certification.Which is mainly supply domestic markets and export to overseas markets.

  • 2. In 1999,3 lines of PP corrugated production lines were introduced and mainly produce PP corrugated boards and transfer box.

  • 3.In 2001, two foreign advanced car wraps production lines were introduced, mainly produce various car wraps.

  • 4.In 2008, it invested and built 2 PVC foam board production lines, which mainly produces foam boards and sells them in domestic and abroad markets through trading companies.

  • 5.In 2013, the company expanded its production capacity and added 2 PVC foam board production lines and put them into production.

  • 6.In 2017, the company introduced two acrylic sheet production lines, with a monthly output of 500 tons of acrylic sheet.

  • 7.In 2019,Shanghai Tutu New Material Co., Ltd. was established , which is mainly responsible for product promotion abroad.

  • 8.In 2020, the company invested in a production line for PC sunshine board, a UV-PC wave board production line and a double-sided UV co-extrusion endurance board production line.