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Shanghai Tutu New Materials Co., Ltd. is an Aluminum Composite Board exporter you need. Our ACP sheets have fascinating appearances to enhance the beauty of your place. You can find a huge range of aluminum composite boards here for buildings, houses, or any compound. They are the perfect sheets for internal decoration. For home renovation, our aluminum composite boards are what you need to buy. These fire-retardant aluminum boards will provide good enough protection to users. We are an aluminum composite board manufacturer that has high durability. You will get weather-resistant aluminum sheets for facades or exterior looks. This will also have a great impact on the worth of your property. An extensive variety of colors will give you numerous options to select from. Every interior and exterior designer needs our long-lasting aluminum composite boards.

Purchase Low-Priced Aluminum Composite Boards in Large Quantity

Shanghai Tutu is a famous aluminum composite board exporter in China that offers affordable prices. Our low-cost production is the reason behind our competitive rates. You will find economical rates without any compromise on quality and standards. These cheap rates make us a leading aluminum composite board manufacturer in China and worldwide. We offer discounted rates to each buyer, even if they have a low MOQ size. Being a trusted Aluminium Composite Board Manufacturer, our wholesale rates are the most attractive feature for our buyers worldwide. Every client from around the world looks for an aluminum composite board exporter. We are that exporter, and we manufacture aluminum sheets at a large scale to reach our target.

What Is Special About Shanghai Tutu?

In 2005, Shanghai Tutu New Materials Co., Ltd. began its journey. Now we are a famous aluminum composite board exporter in China and worldwide. Every Interior and exterior designer can approach us for ACP sheets. Our business is based on decorative sheets and printing goods for decoration and renovation. Our production of massive tons of sheets helps us fulfill each order on time. As an aluminium composite board manufacturer worldwide, we ensure to provide UV resistance in most of our products. We also follow the certification of ISO9001. Our mega machines, highest standards, and highly competent team are the reason for our success in this journey. We aim to keep our production at the top and have good relations with our clients for success in the future.