Shanghai Tutu New Materials

We are renowned manufacturers and suppliers of materials for visual media, graphics, sign-making, decoration, and construction. Our home decor materials are admired in local and international markets due to their quality and appearance.

What’s so Special About Our Products

Our products are outstanding in many manners, including;

Suitable for many Purposes

Our wallpapers and canvas are made up of premium quality material; they are remarkably flexible and suitable to décor any area or you can use our acrylic sheets to change the look of your desired area. Wallpapers come in modern and elegant designs with a variety of colors, from light to vibrant. We offer canvas in several types of materials, including cotton fabric, polyester, and mesh polyester, to name some.


Whether you talk about our wallpapers or canvases, all are produced with environmentally friendly material. They are suitable for photo reproduction, decoration, and advertising. 

Durable and Sturdy

Our wallpapers and canvas are heavy-duty and can be used for many years. Their sturdy material makes them durable. They are easy to print, hard-wearing, and can last up to fifteen years, which is why they are cost-effective and pocket friendly.

Seamless Finish

Their fine texture and superior printability facilitate the printing of high-quality images and vibrant colors, especially for digital printing. You can get them print in your own style for interior designing or paint /print your Kodiak moment to make your memories stay with you for a long period.


Whether you want to get a certain area renovated or changing in the interior is required, our new material is ideal to use. Apart from the wide range of materials, we are pleased to offer many options of sizes for your convenience. You can get them customized and printed to display an impressive perception of your home/offices etc.

Contact us 

Feel free to contact us through our user-friendly website; just mention your specifications with a few simple clicks or call us to negotiate terms and conditions. Place your order now for worldwide supply.