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Welcome to Shanghai Tutu: Your Ultimate Source for Premium Digital Printing Vinyl. Explore our extensive range of products and elevate your printing projects to the next level. As a trusted digital printing vinyl supplier, we're pioneers in the industry, committed to exceptional performance. Our collection of coloured vinyl is known for its vibrant hues and versatility, resonating with diverse users and establishing a loyal customer base.

Trusted Coloured Vinyl Supplier Offers Customization

As your trusted coloured vinyl supplier, we understand the importance of customization. Our range of decorative coloured vinyl offers endless design possibilities. From personalized vehicle wraps to captivating signage, our coloured vinyl is a canvas for your unique ideas. With 3-year durability and utilizing top-notch 3M materials, our vinyl ensures longevity and impact.

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Being a top Digital Printing Vinyl Supplier,  our every coloured vinyl sheet is meticulously crafted from top-quality materials, ensuring impeccable results in digital printing. Our adept quality control team ensures that every sheet carrying the Shanghai Tutu name meets international standards.

Shanghai Tutu: Your Creative Partner

As a reliable Coloured Vinyl Supplier, we provide more than just materials; we offer solutions that elevate your creations. Our coloured vinyl range is perfect for high-quality, full-colour designs that stand out. Compatible with various digital printing equipment, our vinyl guarantees exceptional results whether you're venturing into screen printing, printable vinyl, or any digital design form. With a wide variety of options, including wall coverings, outdoor signage, and various window displays, we're your one-stop creative partner.

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Embrace a wide variety of options with Shanghai Tutu. Our range includes wall graphics, window film, floor graphics, and much more. Whether you're exploring vehicle graphics, window graphics, or decals, our vinyl materials offer the most comprehensive selection to suit your needs. We also offer an extensive range of banners, including mesh banners, catering to the diverse needs of the printing industry. And the best part? All of this comes at a regular price that reflects the actual value of our products.

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Our digital printing vinyl and coloured vinyl offerings are easily accessible. By choosing us, you purchase materials and invest in quality, innovation, and boundless possibilities. Please explore our website and place your order to experience the unique value that only Shanghai Tutu delivers.