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Welcome to Shanghai Tutu: Your Ultimate Source for Premium PVC Foam Boards. As the top PVC Foam Board Manufacturer, we offer premium quality materials for your diverse construction and signage needs.

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At Shanghai Tutu, we're more than just suppliers; we're partners in your creative journey. Our commitment to delivering products of unparalleled quality and excellence spans decades. As your preferred PVC foam board supplier, we offer various sizes, options, and faster delivery to cater to your unique needs. Join the class of satisfied customers who have elevated their projects with the power of Shanghai Tutu.

Unleashing the Potential of PVC Foam Boards

Being a reliable PVC Foam Board Manufacturer we take immense pride in being your trusted PVC foam board manufacturer and supplier. Our legacy of excellence has established us as leaders in the industry, offering an extensive array of top-tier PVC foam solutions. As a pioneer in the field, we bring you the finest quality foam boards that cater to various applications.

Unparalleled Quality Assurance and Expertise 

Our dedication to quality assurance is unwavering. We've assembled a dedicated team of experts who meticulously oversee every step of the production process. This ensures that every PVC foam board item meets the highest standards of excellence. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends to offering products that uphold our legacy of being reliable suppliers.

Direct Printing and Beyond 

One of the critical advantages of our expanded PVC foam boards is their suitability for direct printing. This feature lets you bring your designs to life with vibrant colors and intricate details. Furthermore, their greater strength than other materials ensures that your creations maintain their integrity, even in demanding environments.

Wide Range of Applications

Our PVC foam sheets find applications in various settings. From store displays and exhibit booths to architectural decoration and photo mounting, the versatility of our products is unmatched. They light weight and have excellent impact resistance. Our PVC foam sheets are available in various finishes to suit your aesthetic preferences, making them an excellent material choice for upcoming projects.

Variety of Sizes and Options

 As a trusted PVC Foam Board Supplier, we understand that every project is unique. That's why we offer a variety of sizes and options for our PVC foam sheets. Whether you need large sheets for store displays or smaller ones for intricate designs, we've got you covered. Our PVC foam boards possess low water absorption properties, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


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