• Car Color Glossy Light Film
  • Car Color Glossy Light Film
  • Car Color Glossy Light Film
  • Car Color Glossy Light Film

Car Color Glossy Light Film

Elevate your car's aesthetics with our Coloured Vinyl, Car Color Glossy Light Film, enhancing its style with vibrant, glossy colors.


The car headlight film can be changed by pasting the headlight color change film, and it can be removed when you want to change the color, and there will be no glue left

Application: Car headlights, headlights, taillights, any model

New cars usually have white lights when they leave the factory, which is very inconsistent with the color of the car. The most common white lights cannot show the dazzling colors of the car. You can change the color by pasting the headlight color changing film. It can be peeled off when changing the color, and no glue will be left .


1: It has 90% light transmittance, easy installation, strong viscosity, does not affect the original light source, no problem for car washing

2: It has a strong protective function, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, durable, protects the headlights from aging, prevents cracks, etc.

3: Excellent optically transparent viscosity, which can effectively transmit light and dissipate heat, ensuring consistent lighting effects of headlights

4: After pasting, the slight scratches on the top layer can be peeled off, and the three layers of protection can prevent scratches during pasting, making the bottom layer more perfect

5: Suitable for DIY operation